Wildcrafted Natural Products

New England Naturals specializes in custom fur pieces including headbands, mittens, blankets, hats, beverage holders, and pillows. We also offer a variety of other natural products, and our best selling Beaver beverage holders. Please use our 'Contact Us' form for custom inquires and product availability.

Custom Beverage Holders

Looking for custom gifts for a wedding or another special event?

Ask us about our group pricing and custom fur colors!

  • Headbands

    Fur headbands can be custom made to your head size! We offer a variety of furs and fleece materials.

  • Mittens

    Fur mittens are the only things that will keep your hands warm regardless of the weather! We offer a variety of fur and leather types. Ask us about custom colors!

  • Fur Hand Muffs

    Our beaver fur muffs have been a favorite of sportsman and women who hunt/fish/trap during the winter months. You'll have the warmest hands and best style in the duck blind this season!

  • Pillows

    Pillows can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes with different furs. Ask us about plucked and sheared beaver options!

  • Pom Poms

    Looking to upgrade your synthetic fur hat or add something special to your new hat? We can make s, m, and l pom poms of various fur types. Ask us about snap on pom poms!

  • Can coolers

    Our berage holders are a fan favorite. We can provide a variety of fur types and colors, and even custom tags!

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Ask us about our fur options and color selection